Homer, AK

My trip to Homer was short and sweet, just like every other city I seemed to go to within AK, but it was full of good food findings.

Right in Old Downtown Homer, there are several cute little restaurants and shops. I wanted to go to Two Sisters Bakery, and I DID, but I didn’t get to spend as much time there as I wanted. The exterior was cute as well as what we saw of the interior. The cookies and Americano were to die for! We went and had coffee on Bishop’s beach after our much sought after Halibut meal at Captain Patties.


And.. I must preface this.. the halibut plate was $35. Yes, $35. We split it. Not 100% sure it was worth it, but we were pretty starving at that point so anything would do!


After we had spent a night in Homer, AK.. we decided brunch would be our next best option for something pretty yummy to eat. Why not go to a creperie? Especially if it’s on your 25th birthday?!?!

We went to the Wild Honey Bistro – mmmm mmmm good!


Doesn’t the logo and front porch look super exciting????

After all the much good food, we were VERY happy.


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