Austin, TX

You’d think Austin would be apart of Mexico. It’s not. It’s a real great town with even greater food.

LUNCH SPOT: Torchy’s Tacos (4.5 out of 5 stars. Cool location.. even cooler food)

Appetizer: QUESO! Can I say anymore? Absolutely not. I mean, who wouldn’t love this –


And for the gold award.. the tacos themselves..

As you can tell, by the time I was able to take the photo, I had taken a BIG bite out of my Baja shrimp taco. Can I say amazing? You want to know what else is amazing? The fried avocado taco right beside it. Tacos a la carte.. so go crazy! Order 1.. or 2.. or 6…

TACOS from Torchy's

YUM YUM! I cannot get enough!

The scenes (for reference) –

Coffee and Donut break anyone? You must hit up the following:

Coffee Spot: Seventh Flag Coffee Co. (4 out of 5 stars. Cool location. Cool people.)

Try their Nitro Cold Brew! Perfect for a 92 degree weather forecast. 🙂


You can’t forget the most important part of it all.. DONUTS, gourmet donuts from Gourdough’s! (3.5 out of 5 stars. TOO gourmet for us, Vining’s.)


They had so many options, but we tried the:

Keep going strong, all you foodies out there!


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