Anchorage, AK

Final stop before we headed back to NC: Anchorage, AK!

Fan of good pizza and OK prices? (What I learned from being in AK is that everything is twice as expensive as the prices here in NC).

Moose’s Tooth (AK version of Mellow Mushroom)


All of their specialty pizzas looked great! I tried the ham and pineapple (keeping it classic). Delicious! I also was able to see a friendly face from NC – Cara!

Final meal before our departure: A FULL PINT OF ALASKAN ICE CREAM! I can’t even get over this… Wild Scoops ice cream is AMAZING!

Seriously some of the best stuff I’ve ever tasted!

I hope these Alaskan food posts have given you insight on to how much fun we had on this food adventure.

Until next time foodies,



Seward, AK

But first, coffee. Well, not the best coffee in the world, but YES to location & decor & PLACE!

We enjoyed sitting in this cute little shop for a morning. The coolest part was learning about the history of the shop! The shop dated back to 1992 when it was first opened as a coffee house, but was a church before then. Now, you can find coffee and art all over the place.

Ok, when you go to Seward, you MUST ask a shop owner where to eat dinner.. and SO WE DID. Seward Brewing Co. is what was recommended. It was delicious!


^ cod tacos – mmmmm

Until next time,


Homer, AK

My trip to Homer was short and sweet, just like every other city I seemed to go to within AK, but it was full of good food findings.

Right in Old Downtown Homer, there are several cute little restaurants and shops. I wanted to go to Two Sisters Bakery, and I DID, but I didn’t get to spend as much time there as I wanted. The exterior was cute as well as what we saw of the interior. The cookies and Americano were to die for! We went and had coffee on Bishop’s beach after our much sought after Halibut meal at Captain Patties.


And.. I must preface this.. the halibut plate was $35. Yes, $35. We split it. Not 100% sure it was worth it, but we were pretty starving at that point so anything would do!


After we had spent a night in Homer, AK.. we decided brunch would be our next best option for something pretty yummy to eat. Why not go to a creperie? Especially if it’s on your 25th birthday?!?!

We went to the Wild Honey Bistro – mmmm mmmm good!


Doesn’t the logo and front porch look super exciting????

After all the much good food, we were VERY happy.

San Antonio, TX

Want a full Mexican experience?

YOU HAVE TO TRY Mi Tierra in San Antonio, TX. Located right downtown. (3.5 stars out of 5. Good food, but the interior makes the whole experience).


^ I mean, look how pretty!!! Unfortunately, we were kinda disappointed with our baked goods.

The markets were neat and filled with sombreros and cool knick knacks!


Keep on going strong, foodies!

Austin, TX

You’d think Austin would be apart of Mexico. It’s not. It’s a real great town with even greater food.

LUNCH SPOT: Torchy’s Tacos (4.5 out of 5 stars. Cool location.. even cooler food)

Appetizer: QUESO! Can I say anymore? Absolutely not. I mean, who wouldn’t love this –


And for the gold award.. the tacos themselves..

As you can tell, by the time I was able to take the photo, I had taken a BIG bite out of my Baja shrimp taco. Can I say amazing? You want to know what else is amazing? The fried avocado taco right beside it. Tacos a la carte.. so go crazy! Order 1.. or 2.. or 6…

TACOS from Torchy's

YUM YUM! I cannot get enough!

The scenes (for reference) –

Coffee and Donut break anyone? You must hit up the following:

Coffee Spot: Seventh Flag Coffee Co. (4 out of 5 stars. Cool location. Cool people.)

Try their Nitro Cold Brew! Perfect for a 92 degree weather forecast. 🙂


You can’t forget the most important part of it all.. DONUTS, gourmet donuts from Gourdough’s! (3.5 out of 5 stars. TOO gourmet for us, Vining’s.)


They had so many options, but we tried the:

Keep going strong, all you foodies out there!